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Business Migration programs and Entrepreneur Visa has seen quite a dramatic increase in demand in recent times. The options available in the market are plenty. However Entrepreneurial immigrants usually encounter the same problems encountered by skilled applicants which is how to choose the right consultant to represent them. Some of the Challenges faced by Entrepreneurs 

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of knowledge as regards appropriate program meant for them
  • Problems with administrative and regulatory requirements.
  • On-Shore support in foreign lands with regards to business set up and other personal settlement issues.

Services provided by Head West Migration, one of the boutique immigration consultants in Bangalore are:

Access to information: During immigration planning process customers often ignore professionals in the field and their knowledge and support. Customers are often discouraged by the complexity of the information in their purview and to complicate matters the distrust of friends/ near dear ones who doubt their ability to succeed through the immigration process. A professional company makes the transition seamless and the process step by step.

Quality of aid: Focus groups with entrepreneurs have highlighted the importance of an atmosphere of trust and the need to trust the advisor. Entrepreneurs also expect comprehensive information, based on experiences, and concrete recommendations on actions to be taken. Head West Migration comes to the fore and remains true to the right information to be passed on.

Business Migration to Canada, Europe, USA is complicated and complex, which motivates many aspirants to hire the services of immigration professionals to receive advice. But one must ensure that the immigration consultant is conversant with all the process involved and can handle their case professionally. Head West Migration again comes across as the most dependable Immigration consultant in Saharanpur in putting your migration journey on the right path.

About Various Programs Available

Every country has a different program to offer and they have different set of rules and procedures.

Canada relies on provinces to nominate businesses based on business talent, their ability to invest in the province and commit to stay in the province for minimum 2 years.

Europe is more inclined toward granting residency through buying property in respective countries like, Portugal, Greece, Malta etc and by and large there is no stay requirement and parents and even grand parents can be included in the Visa.

USA is reliant on the accepting investment in the TEA areas where the employment is low and such investments can boost the employment prospects directly or indirectly in the region. Initially provisional green card is issued to the applicant and when the Regional center which typically manages the investments made in the TEA areas proves that 10 jobs have been created as a result of the investment made by the applicant, then the permanent green card proceedings are initiated.

Which country to choose becomes a major challenge for the applicants and when it involves investment of big sums of money. Safety of the Money is paramount, followed by the visa conditions. In equal measure is the ease of movement in and out of the country by the entrepreneur and the advantages which comes their way in return for the investment they have made.

MALTA has emerged out of all these programs to be the most safe and easy program for the entrepreneurs. Head West migration again comes to the fore as the most competent Immigration Consultants in Gurgaon to guide for Malta Residency Visa.

Main Highlights of Malta 

  • In Indian Rupees for the Main Applicant Family the Budget would be in the range of under 1.25 Cr . Applicant asset base in India should be 4 Crore including real estate.
  • Parents and Grand Parents Charges extra on actuals as per the Malta Government Fee of Euro 5000.
  • No IELTS required
  • No Age Limit
  • No Stay requirement
  • Residency in 6 months

Facts About Malta

  1. Malta Passport is ranked 7th in the world
  2. Malta is only English speaking country in Europe apart from Ireland
  3. Education system is on British standards and Public education is free
  4. Malta gives you advantage of both being a Schengen area and part of European Union
  5. Malta stands at 5th place on WHO health ranking (Canada on 30th , Australia on 32nd, USA 37th and India on 112th)
  6. 4 generation program, applicant can migrate with Parents and Grand parents.

An amazingly nice place to settle in with all its advantages.

It is most important to select the right immigration company who has knowledge of all the available business migration programs and can assess client’s situation and advise the best choice basis the needs of the clients. Head West Migration one of the most reliable Immigration Consultants in Dehradun with its right set of immigration alliances and knowledge of the domain can put you on the path to a successful transition to the foreign land and succeed sboth personally and professionally.

Business Migration and the role of a Professional Immigration Company
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Business Migration and the role of a Professional Immigration Company
Business Migration and the role of a professional Immigration Company. immigration consultants in Bangalore, Dehradun, Saharanpur, Gurgaon.
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