Every person dream of a better life from their childhood and have their own aspirations for their future and families and to make their dreams come true they study and work hard and to attract such skilled and hardworking people are wanted by every county. Australia is one of the top choices of people seeking immigration options to other counties. The Australian government is really supportive to people seeking Permanent Residency Visa for Australia. Australia is a really a great place for people for their work & personal life and also for a safe and secure future of their family. Several cities from Australia, like Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth are few of the top most cities with a high standard of living. These cities are culturally diverse and even have lots of other benefits such as low pollution levels, low population and abundant levels of fresh air with awesome natural landscapes and breathtaking sceneries.

Permanent Residency Visa for Australia

Benefits with immigration to Australia

immigration to any country has mutual benefits for the country and the immigrant. From the mutually helpful system, the economy of the country is benefited with the increased productivity driven by skilled international workers and immigrants are benefited by having a chance for a high standard of lifestyle and better-earning potential from their home countries, so is the case with Immigration to Australia.

Several important benefits with Permanent Residency Visa for Australia are

  • Being a developed country and advancing every day in terms of Science, technology, and Infrastructure Australia is the Best immigration overseas option for skilled and hard-working people seeking immigration to other countries.  There are several career options available for taking your future forward to a better lifestyle when compared to the home country.
  • Australia is a highly advanced and diverse country which helps immigrants from any country and background to adjust well in no time.
  • The Australian economy is highly stable being low on the level of unemployment, which offers high chances of securing a job in a short span of time.
  • There is a huge gap in the age distribution of Australian people which is a leading factor to higher demand for skilled immigrant workers from other countries like India. Which why it is the best time to initiate your process to Permanent Residency Visa for Australia.
  • Australia encourages immigration from other countries and provides various options for skilled workers and to migrate under several immigration options for Australia. If you are a skilled worker it is a high probability that you can find some option for yourself.
  • The child development and education system are one of the best in the world, The schools start the development of the children right from elementary level to tertiary level, which means that no matter what is the age of your kids when you immigrate, you can stay assured for the best quality education for them.
  • Australia is not only diverse in cultures because of people from several countries enrich the cultural diversity in Australia but the flora and fauna is also diverse there, Australia is home to some of the rare species of plants and animals in the world and it is also blessed by nature with a lush green cover as well as many breathtakingly beautiful beaches.
  • Immigrants also get to access Medicare and healthcare schemes running by the Australian Government for the betterment of their citizens and they also can also avail Pharmaceutical benefits scheme when they opt to migrate to Australia.

Immigration Options for Australia: Australia offers a wide variety of options to people from India to migrate to Australia.

  • The Permanent Residency Visa for Australia is a program based on a point-based system that chooses candidates on basis of their merit.
  • Any person looking towards migrating to Australia can move to Australia under the following visa categories
  • Student visa program.
  • Skilled workers visa program.
  • Vacation visa for tourists.
  • Permanent Residency Visa for Australia.
  • Investor visa for people seeking to invest in Australia.
  • Any person can also enter Australia on a temporary visa like the student visa program or Vacation visa program and later they can apply to change their status to a permanent citizen if they qualify for the Permanent Residency Visa for Australia.
  • If the person plans to move under the skilled workers' visa program, they can stay on a temporary basis on a work visa or apply for Residency Visa for Australia.
  • Anyone seeking Residency Visa for Australia will be judged on several factors, which includes proficiency in English and education level of Immigrants and their spouse amongst a few factors. These evaluations are really important and are conducted to make sure whether one is employable and whether they can sustain themselves and their families once they are in the country.
  • Any person who is able to score a minimum of 60 points in the evaluation is considered to be eligible for immigration to Australia.

Main categories of skilled workers visa to Australia are

Following are the main categories for skilled visa programs for immigration to Australia

  • Temporary Skills Shortage Visa: The temporary skills shortage visa helps skilled workers in immigration to Australia in order to work in a specified field of work.  Any person interested in this visa type requires an employer to visa sponsor who can apply for a visa on their behalf even if the person resides in or outside of Australia.

Below are the eligibility criteria for immigrants interested in Temporary Skills Shortage Visa to Australia

  • Anyone seeking to migrate under temporary skilled visa program must have at least three years of experience in the field relevant to the occupation for which they applying.
  • Aspirant needs to be less than 45 years of age at the time of their application.
  • One must have a minimum score of band 5 in their IELTS test for all sections.

Immigration via regional nomination – Regional sponsored migration (visa subclass 187)

  • Under this visa, type aspirant can apply for immigration to a province or specific region in Australia. Each state in Australia has its own migration plan which encourages immigrants to apply and settle permanently in the state through Immigration Options for Australia like Permanent Residency Visa for Australia.

Each of these states publishes a list of occupations in demand with them. If anyone is able to secure a job from any employer in Australia for any of the jobs posted by the respective states and they even meet the compliances for those states they qualify for migrating to Australia under this category and can later apply for Permanent Residency Visa for Australia.

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