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Immigration world over is going through a sea change as countries across the world are becoming more and more protective towards its own workforce and hence we see migration laws world over go through radical change. USA has been a key player in this area in recent past and has vastly changed the immigration policies to favour its own people. Countries world over have been impacted by these changes and have witnessed increased migrant inflow to Australia and Canada, thus putting tremendous pressure on their immigration programs. This has resulted in strict regime getting introduced in these countries as well in response to the ever increasing populace applying for an entry to these economies.

In such time Europe has emerged as a great option as countries like Malta, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Cyprus have introduced investment based migration programs be it property, bonds or through business. This has come as a pleasant break from the strict norms of points system in immigration driven by English speaking skills and age. Europe offers chance to all individuals with no age limit and no English being tested making it relatively easy migration for people looking to migrate and improve their standard of living.

At this juncture of time where immigration is going through a phase of big transition, Head West Migration Services has emerged as a competent and professional consulting firm which has always chosen to innovate and introduce products for all its stakeholders, be it franchisees, skilled migrants, students or business people. With its transparent policies and diverse product portfolio, Head West Migration has emerged as a front runner in the Immigration sector and has taken upon itself to change the lives of people it touches. Truly its on the path of “TRANSFORMING FUTURES”

Our Core Team

Vikas Puri
Founder and Director

Vikas, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Head West Migration Services, is a Migrant turned Australian Citizen. His vision is to develop a support system for budding migrants to make the right decisions towards their overseas journey. Vikas is a Corporate Professional with 20 years of work experience with distinguished companies like Bausch & Lomb India, Hcl Infosystems Ltd, Satyam Infoway and Carrick Institute of Education (Melbourne, Australia). He is an ideal Mentor for your migration journey with local Australian experience and migration consultant with knowledge of the Australian and Canadian immigration system.

Anoop Wadhwa- Franchise Strategist and Board Member
Strategic Panel Member

Anoop Wadhwa is an accomplished Franchise Industry Guru. He has been associated with the franchise industry for more than 10 years and knows the intricacies of setting up a valuable franchise based company catering to multiple geographies. Anoop has been a part of Franchise India, India’s leading franchise development organization and advises Head West Migration Services as a board member to grow the organization horizontally through the strategy of franchise expansion.

Sandeep Gupta
Chief Finance Officer and Board Member

Sandeep Gupta Looks after the corporate affairs of Head West Migration Services. Sandeep is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) since 2005. He is an accomplished accounting professional, who understands the pulse of the business laws and is adept at handling micro intricacies of various business situations where best may struggle. In a very short period of time since GST has been introduced, Sandeep has become authority on the subject and advises many medium to big accounting firms on the implementation of the same.

Arun Awasthi
Marketing Strategist and Board Member

Arun Awasthi is the marketing whiz of the company when it comes to working tirelessly on the SEO performance or be it working on the website to keep giving it a contemporary look. He is the brain behind many a successful marketing campaigns that Head West Migration Services has run through Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to connect its target audience to the idea of overseas migration.

Canada Visa Specialists Member

Head West Migration Services boasts of a team of accomplished lawyers amongst its ranks. They bring forward 15 years of combined rich experience to understand the nuances of a customer’s case and provide utmost professional advice and paperwork assistance to have a smooth flow of filing experience for the customer. They are the backbone of the company as they provide the much required skills, experience and expertise to deliver positive results for the clients hence placing our services at top ranking position at many prestigious Business Awards.

European Collaboration

Europe has emerged as the new age heaven for the wealthy Indians. Its where you can show the moolah and be invited to grace the country with your wealth and experience as an entrepreneur to establish yourself in those countries to prosper with your families. Once there chances are these Uber rich class are going to show their potential and build big businesses in these up-coming economies after going through a economic slowdown. Head West Migration services has partnered with Top Notch Professional Organization to deliver Immigration by Investment route to business and the corporate class who have lost out on the skills migration route due to their age. These companies have got decades of experience behind them to help the applicants with their migration journey which is more or less confirmed once the investment is made.

Rahul Pandey
MARA Lawyer and Board Member

Rahul pandey, presides on Head West as a MARA Lawyer. He advises clients with their immigration solutions when it comes to skills assessments, Expression of Interest filing or the Visa Filing. He has been trained on the Australian Laws and is the best resource for case analysis. Although a thorough professional, Rahul comes across as an unassuming and a humble human being who has been able to connect with our clients and provide them professional solutions and been giving constant direction to the Head West team and constantly updating the technical knowhow.

Syed Ismail
Franchise Partner, Bangalore

Syed has been a key player in the Head West Migration journey. Though he has been always a career guy, Syed joined Head West Migration in the initial stages of company’s franchise development plan to try his entrepreneur skills. He has emerged a winner with his professionalism, excellent client handling skills and innovative business development skills. Bangalore has grown to be a key market under him and continues to surge forward in all verticals.

Ankit Gupta
Franchise Partner, Saharanpur/Dehradun

Ankit is the youngest member of the Head West Migration team. He is an HR expert and took upon the idea to take the immigration solutions to his hometown Saharanpur and the neighboring Dehradun. TIER 2 and 3 cities is where the action is going to be where the customer are not exposed to the quality of services as is the case with the Metro Markets. To take advantage of this gap in the quality, Head West plans to take quality products delivered through right processes and priced fairly and competently.

Ambika Vasudev

Ambika is a certified Global Career Counselor from University of California, Los Angeles and Univariety, Singapore. Prior to that she did her post-graduation in Computer Science and then completed the Company Secretary course from ICSI. Having spent a lot of time in academics and with a brilliant track record, she is also a certified International Coach from Blair Singer. With over twelve years of experience in the business and profession, Ambika has helped more than 2000 children realize their dreams. She as a Global Career Counselor help children identify their passion and channelize it into international career.

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