Manitoba has replaced the MPNP-B stream with the new Entrepreneur Pathway program. Business people aspiring to make Manitoba their home may apply and migrate with their family. These applicants should be able to establish a new business, purchase a running business or become partners in an existing business within 2 years of arrival in Canada on a temporary work permit. $100,000 deposit limit to be pledged to Manitoba government has been done away with.

  • Business Experience – 3 out of 5 years Full time experience as an active business owner or Senior Management role in a business. Business owners must have 33 1/3% ownership to qualify.

  • Language – CLB 5

  • Education – High School equivalent education to a Canadian high school certificate

  • Age – 25-49 Years age preferred

  • Business Investment– Minimum $250000 to be made in Manitoba Capital Region / or Minimum $150000 to be made outside of Manitoba Capital region. Business Investment to be done in an eligible business as advised by MPNP. The proposed business must create 1 Job.

  • Exploratory Visit – An Exploratory visit and a Business Plan is must.

  • Adaptability – CLB 5 level for Spouse / Close Relative in Manitoba / Education and Employment in Manitoba with certain conditions.

  • Net Worth –Minimum $500,000

  • Business Performance agreement- BPA has to be mandatorily signed before work permit is issued.

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