Canada Study Impact Due to Corona Virus

  • February 6, 2019
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Are you Applying for Canada Study Visa during Covid-19? All things you should know.



International students are a big source of income for Canada, that is being impacted hugely due to coronavirus pandemic. More than 640,000 foreign students are enrolled in college / universities in Canada and has pushed the Canadian Immigration to new highs in more than a 100 years. There was a 13% increase in student numbers in 2019 as compared to 2018 and 95% increase as compared to 2014. Overall 488,000 people were invited to Canada in 2019 which was the biggest number in last three decades. International students are crucial to Canada’s economy as they pay higher fees as compared to local students. Close to CAD $ 6 bn was added to the economy by the international admissions as per report by Royal Bank of Canada. Apart from the higher fees, international students also add to Canada’s labor force and as per government data, around CAD $ 21 bn was added to the economy in 2019.Indian students formed the largest group, with around 139740 student visas issued in 2019.


However as much as they would want to increase the immigration levels, covid19 has put brakes on the study permits as no fresh visas are been issued after March 22. Which effectively means that the foreign students have to remain in their home countries due to travel restrictions and the resorting to starting classes in the Online mode with their chosen designated learning institute (DLI). There are a lot of DLI options available to students which can save time and a looming scenario of missing an entire semester or adding a gap year to their profile.



DLI Institutes accepting applications for January 2021;


  1. Seneca College

  2. George Brown College

3. Lambton College

  1. Dalhousie University

5. Memorial University

  1. Kwantlen Polytechnic University

  2. University of Winnipeg

  3. Niagara College

9. North Island College

10.Sheridan College

11.Vancouver Island University

12.Saskatchewan Polytechnic College

13.Matrix College    


Conditional Acceptance

Most of the Colleges and Universities are accepting Class 10th Mark sheet and Predicted scores for Class 12th and issuing Conditional offer letters. Which means if the course cutoff in a college/university is 70% and the students 10th Mark sheet and predicted scores indicate 70%+ then you may be issued a “Conditional offer letter” however, if the final 12th class marks are less than 70% then the offer will be declined and admission will be cancelled. In such case the fees will be refunded after deducting the admin charges etc., which will vary for every institute, you need to check with the college/university issuing conditional offer for the same.


Online Study Option

Most of the colleges have the September Intake and January 2021 intake open and you may join in Online classes mode. However you may note that the Study permits are been impacted by many factors such as lack of getting biometrics, getting medical checkups or submitting original travel documents and hence been stopped. You must make an internal assessment and be compliant with all the SDS filing requirements including funds, IELTS academic required bands, letter of acceptance, genuine statement of purpose etc. so as to be sure that you will eventually get the study permit and opt for the Online Classes offered by the College/University you have applied to. In case your study permit is denied your admission will be cancelled and you will have to apply refund for your fees with college/university you have enrolled.


Duolingo English test Acceptance

Duolingo English test has emerged as a viable alternative in the current Covid-19 situation due to the temporary block on taking physical IELTS test. Duolingo test evaluates English proficiency through fully online mode, from the comfort of your home.


Below are things to note for Duolingo English Test:

  • Test can be attempted anywhere, anytime
  • Duration of Test -1 Hour
  • Test result in 2 days
  • Testing Fee – USD $ 49
  • Apply through Link: https://englishtest.duolingo.com/


Requirements for Test:

  • Copy of the Passport
  • Working Internet Connection
  • Supported browser
  • Camera (Front facing) in the computer
  • Microphone
  • Speakers


Although Duolingo is being accepted by many institutions currently for enrolments, IRCC is yet to accept it as a valid English exam under the SDS (Student Direct Stream). To apply under SDS, which is applicable to citizens of certain countries* including India, you need to meet the following requirements: 

  1. Have an IELTS score of 6 or more in each module 
  2. Open a GIC account in Canada to the amount of CAD 10,000 for living expenses
  3. Pay the entire first year fees for the course
  4. Live outside Canada

*Citizens of the below countries can apply under SDS

  • China
  • India
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • the Philippines
  • Senegal
  • Vietnam

IRCC has not yet changed it’s policy to under SDS to accept any other English exam and so the applicant can file for a visa, but it would have to be a non-SDS visa. This requires an applicant to show proof of funds for the tuition fees and living expenses and the processing time may be longer than through SDS. 



Duolingo English Test is being accepted by following DLI Institutes:


  •  Alexander College

  •  Algoma University

  •  Cambrian College
  •  Cape Breton University

  •  Centennial College

  •  Conestoga College

  •  Confederation College

  •  Crandall University

  •  Dalhousie University
  •  Douglas College

  •  Durham College
  •  Fairleigh Dickinson University
  •  Fanshawe College
  •  Fraser International College

  •  Georgian College

  •  International College of Manitoba
  •  Lakehead University
  •  Lakeland College

  •  Loyalist College

  •  Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology
  •  Memorial University of Newfoundland

  •  Mount Allison University

  •  Niagara College

  •  NorQuest College
  •  North Island College

  •  Royal Roads University

  •  Seneca College

  •  University of Guelph
  •  University of Manitoba

  •  University of New Brunswick
  •  University of Windsor

  •  University of Winnipeg

  •  Vancouver Community College
  •  Vancouver Film School

  •  Vancouver Island University

  • .   Stenberg College


Post Graduation Work Permit(PGWP)


Canada has brought relief to all those applicants who are been forced to start study online from their home countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic due to multiple travel restrictions imposed by governments around the world. Applicants who have started online classes with their DLI institutes will be eligible for PGWP so long as they complete 50% of their studies in Canada. Applicants will have to submit additional documents proving what part they completed in their home country and which part was completed in Canada.

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