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Gateway to Europe

Portugal is a hidden gem in the Schengen region. Schengen region comprises of 28 member nations and Schengen Visa is valid for 28 participating countries. Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal with tourism as the backbone of the economy. Portugal TRC makes one eligible to stay permanently in Portugal and is a pathway to Portugal citizenship which virtually means access to entire Europe.

Portugal Ecosystem

Some Facts

Portugal is known more so for its clean beaches, exquisite cuisine and Cristiano Ronaldo.

What’s not so widely known is that the Portuguese passport is ranked 6th in the world and gives visa free access to 185 countries.


Facts About Portugal


Area:92,400 km²

Capital: Lisbon

Language Portuguese, English, Spanish

Religion: Catholicism 

Currency: Euro

Location: Bordering with Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, it is the westernmost located country of mainland Europe

Climate: W5-7℃ S20-26℃

Member of European Union for over 25 years, it is part of Eurozone and Schengen Agreement

Healthcare Ranking (WHO): Countries in Europe feature prominently

  • 1.    France
  • 2.    Italy
  • 3.    San Marino
  • 4.    Andorra
  • 5.    Malta
  • 6.    Singapore
  • 7.    Spain
  • 8.    Oman
  • 9.    Austria
  • 10.  Japan
  • 11.  Norway
  • 12.  Portugal
  • 13.  Monaco
  • 14.  Greece
  • 15.  Iceland
  • 16.  Luxembourg   
  • 17.  Netherlands
  • 18.  United Kingdom
  • 19.  Republic of Ireland
  • 20. Switzerland
  • 37.  United States
  • 112. India

Portuguese Welfare System: Best Countries in Europe

Portuguese Public Welfare – New Born

i) Maternity Benefits
The family allowance is a monetary subsidy provided by the government to pregnant women, all of whom legally reside in Portugal over 13 weeks have the right to apply, receive once a month, the maximum amount of 145.69 euros (according to different income), 6 months after the baby born will not allow receiving

ii) Childbirth Benefits
200 EUR (once)

iii) Medical Benefits
All medical, examination, and hospitalization fees during pregnancy to 60 days after baby born are free. three times free dentist visits during the pregnancy, regular medical examination.

iv) Paid maternity leave
Under the law, pregnant women will have paid maternity leave of 30 days prenatal and 42 to 90 days postpartum. In the meantime, the father can enjoy 15 days of maternity leave within 30 days after his baby’s birth.

v) Pregnant women’s rights
No matter in which public places, such as supermarkets, banks, buying tickets etc., pregnant women and women with babies can be given priority in the queue Within one year of the child’s birth, women have one hour of feeding time each day. At the same time, childbearing women are not allowed to work in night shifts.
During pregnancy, childbirth, and nurturing, any boss can not fire a childbearing woman for any reason, nor can he reduce their wages, but also must give them enough time to nurture babies.

Portuguese Public Welfare – Children

i) Free public education
Only pay the booking fee and dining fee, without paying the tuition fees.

ii) Child welfare
Like most high-welfare countries in Europe, children enjoy government subsidies every month from birth, at 145.69 euros per month first, and 36.42 euros per month after they are 1-year-old. Children can receive it till 27-year-old.

iii) These two kinds of benefits are not based on the payment of social security, and all the children who reside in Portugal can enjoy both kinds of benefits.

Portuguese Public Welfare – Adult

i)  Unemployment Benefits
Unemployment benefits are available for legal work in Portugal, involuntary unemployment, a record of 450 days or more in the two consecutive years before unemployment, or a minimum wage of 180 days for the 12 consecutive months before unemployment. From the unemployed they can receive it 540 days’ maximum, the amount is 55% -65% of original salary

ii) Sickness Allowance
To compensate the staff who are temporarily unable to work due to sickness, the subsidy for the loss of their income. 3 consecutive years Maximum, the amount is 55% -75% of the original salary.

iii) Paid Leave
Each employee only works 226 days per year, 22 days are paid leave.
Salary per year = normal 12 months salary + Christmas allowance (one month salary) + holiday allowance (one month salary) = 14 months salary.

iv)  Other benefits
Once a Portuguese company goes bankrupt, the government will pay the employees six months maximum.

Portuguese Public Welfare – Elders

i) Pension
65 years old and above, legally work in Portugal, and pay the lowest social security more than 15 years to qualify for pensions, the longer social security payment, the higher the amount of pensions received, generally is 44.8% -57.5% of the original salary, the specific percentage changes a little every year.

ii) Guaranteed pension
Guaranteed pension is for people have never contributed to the social security system: 197.55 EUR / month

iii) Other pension benefits
Long-term care allowance is available for those over 80 years of age who have supplementary pensions but is long-term bedriddenness or have serious mental illnesses, and elderly people living alone can apply for a Widowed allowance.

iv) No Inheritance Tax


Portugal Residency (TRC)

Salient features

Portugal residency is a pathway to Portuguese Citizenship, which entitles the holder to full living and working rights to not only Portugal but the entire Schengen zone countries.

Job-Based Europe Residency Program

  1. Required Documents for TRC Process; Registering your Legal entry within 72 hours, Apply for SEF Finance Card, Junta Card Accommodation declaration and Social Security for Resident Permit Eligibility
  2. Job Contract required if applying through the job-based process
  3. 6 Months tax payment in the Social Security System will make the Client Eligible for Applying for TRC
  4. The employee pays 11% and Employer pays 23.75 % Tax totaling up to Euro 200 minimum.

Business Category (Hostel Business)

  1. Required Documents for TRC- Registering for Legal entry, Apply for Finance transaction, Accommodation declaration and Social Security for Resident Permit Eligibility
  2. Company Formation
  3. Both Single/Family can apply
  4. We can help with Hostel Setup

The HeadWest Migration Advantage

Europe Settlement Specialist

Our team is specialized in Europe residency visa and will help to scout your profile across all countries in Europe. We understand the requirements of the Schengen Visa and will guide our clients appropriately to apply their case.


Europe Schengen Visa

Facts and Requirements

Schengen Countries comprises of 28 prominent countries in Europe. Currently UK   is going through the “Brexit” which would have a major impact on the Europe ecosystem.

There are two countries which are in process of applying and joining the Schengen zone viz, Romania and Croatia. Over the past few years it has become tedious to apply for the Schengen Visa. Recently some major changes have come about to the Schengen Visa application in February 2020;

  • The Visa fee has been revised from Euro 60 to Euro 80 for adults and children fee has gone up from Euro 35 to Euro 40.
  • Now the Visa can be planned and applied 6 months in advance
  • Travelers with positive travel history can be given longer Multiple entry visa up to 5 years if they satisfy few conditions; They have lawfully abided previous visas, their country of origin has stable economic factors and they can prove that they have a genuine intent to return to their home countries before the expiry of their visa.
    1. Job Contract Assistance- We would help get the Job contract through our network of employers
    2. Temporary Residency Visa assistance – We would help with the documentation in the entire process till the Temporary visa is filed.

“Migration is an expression of the human aspiration for dignity, safety and a better future. It is part of the social fabric,part of our very make-up as a human family”.

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