Refund Policy

Immigration Services

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IELTS Online self-learning/Live Class mode

The IELTS Online self learn mode is a self learn user interface for which a 7 days trial has been shared with the client. Once the trial ends the Client chooses to renew the extended 180 days/360 days’ option basis the experience they have had. No refunds are offered for the service.

Career Counseling

All the psychometric tests are offered through the

Edumilestone partnership and are created after using all the scientific psychological models. These models and theories are the well-acclaimed worlds over;

Carl Jung’s 8 Personality Types

Mary Briggs 16 Personality Types

16 PF Theory

Big 5 Theory

John Holland 6 Occupational themes

Fleming Vark Theory

Golemen’s 5 element

Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligence



The client takes no obligation assessment and has an option to print his report at a cost relevant to his choice and books a 1-2-1 appointment with the counselor for report interpretation on his own will.

HeadWest assumes no refund policy in delivering the career counseling services.

Study Abroad service by HeadWest

HeadWest applies to the relevant college/university on behalf of the Client. It’s the University/College assessment of the Client’s application and they would issue offer letter If they feel that the Student meets all the criteria’s set out for admission. HeadWest then assists to file the student Visa. HWMS role is limited to compiling all the relevant documents and filing with the relevant country Visa department. HWMS has no control over the outcome of the visa as such. Client pays the course fees to the college/university directly. HWMS only charges the administrative charges for assisting the student in course selection, college/university selection and visa filing. There are no refunds for Administrative charges.

Abroad Student Dashboard

Applicant creates the account on Student dashboard and takes assessment on his own will. He has an option to print the Milestone report. He then has an option to entrust his University application process through Student Dashboard service. The course fees is paid directly by the applicant to the university. Student dashboard would assist in visa filing, however the visa decision is done by the relevant country’s embassy over which Student dashboard has no control. Student dashboard will charge the client administration fees which are non-refundable.

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