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Abroad Student Dashboard


HeadWest introduces Study abroad services for major education destinations in the world through the best in Class Student Dashboard. Student dashboard is activated to support the filing process for Canada, Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore and Prominent European countries.

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The Milestone Report


It is a best in class evaluation system which assesses the applicant profile and brings up the MILESTONE REPORT.

The Milestone report then matches up the applicant profile to the country of his/her choice and brings up the best suited University Options with percentage admission chances. Our advisors then preside over the Client application process and assists in applying to the universities and courses of the applicant’s choice.


Experience the Student dashboard

Ai driven technology

This unique technology driven student dashboard enables the student to view the application process in real time.

It helps to eliminate guess work and gives the applicant full control over the study abroad application process.

Simple Step by Step Process:

  • Create an Account on Student Dashboard
  • Take the Initial Assessment
  • Student dashboard automatically brings up the best suited universities (country of choice) with percentage chances of admission displayed.
  • Student dashboard supported application process.
  • Upload the documents when required on the Student dashboard itself.
  • Self monitor the Student dashboard for all latest updates about the application.

Study Abroad Package for Students

Application Assistance

Abroad Student dashboard provides end to end support to the Applicant and assists right from the initial application to the final Study Visa.

Service Inclusions:

  • Apply and sourceOffer Letter from the University
  • IELTS Online test support to get the desired bands (Apply Bundle)
  • Assist for SOP writing (Apply Bundle)
  • Assist for Motivation letter (where required)
  • Apply for Scholarships where applicable
  • Apply for the Student Visa


Our Flagship Services


Register Now

  • Online / Offline Classes available
  • Get trained by our acclaimed trainers
  • Approved Content from Pearson Education (PTE) and Cambridge*
  • Small Batch Sizes
  • Many Students Success Stories
  • Online Practise Portal Access Up To 360 Days
  • Upto 5 Additional Prep-Tests like actual exams


Take Assessment

  • Online / Offline Tests Available
  • Real time Simulation of Official IELTS / PTE Test
  • Get the Fear of Test out of the students.
  • Actual Band Evaluation in all 4 Modules (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening)
  • Writing / Speaking Feedbacks by Our Acclaimed Trainers
  • Gap Analysis and roadmap to improve the scores

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for day; Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.


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