EB5 Visa requirements

EB-5 has been launched by (USCIS) United States Citizenship and Immigration requirements as an official program for foreign investors to obtain PR by investment route. The investor should have the capital investment required, the business they invest should fulfill job creation requirement and should be an eligible business by USCIS. The applicant, his spouse and children under 21 years of age would initially receive a provisional PR and then converted to Green Card once all requirements have been fulfilled as per USCIS.

Investment required under EB-5 program

EB-5 program stipulates applicants to make either a $500,000 or $1 million capital investment amount into a U.S. commercial enterprise. The entry level of EB5 visa is by investing $500,000 into a TEA OR targeted employment area. Rural area or a area with high unemployment qualifies for TEA designation and an EB-5 project must be in any one of the above

EB-5 Qualified Businesses

EB-5 Visa applicant can invest in several types of businesses. There are two options to invest either the investment can be made in a new commercial enterprise or in a regional center. New commercial enterprises are defined as lawful for-profit businesses that can take one of many different business structures. Corporations whether limited or general ,partnerships, sole proprietorships, business trusts, or other privately or publicly owned business structures can be considered. All new commercial enterprises must have been established after November 29, 1990.

Regional centre has come up as a most economical and viable route to invest under the EB-5 program. The investor doesn’t have to set up a business of his own.In fact most popular way of investing under the EB-5 Visa is through a regional center as these regional centers are professionally managed and have experience to manage large investment portfolios. The minimum 10 jobs creation criterion is easily managed through a regional center and being a new place pressure of running a business successfully and managing 10 jobs is not on the investor and they can seamlessly gel into the new environment.

EB-5 Visa Requirements Summary

  • $1 million capital investment, $500,000 in a TEA.
  • For-profit US business qualifies for the investment.
  • The investment must create 10 full-time U.S. jobs for two years.
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